How to Print 2023 Calendar Printable One Page?

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Extras are always special. Who doesn’t like to chill on holidays apart from the weekends? Wednesday gone, Friday arrives is a new way to look over the weekends.


US Federal Holidays are the scheduled days kept by US Government as Holidays. The US observes 11 Federal Holidays every year. Cherry on the cake lies in the fact that, if this national holiday falls on Saturday, you get an extra Friday off and if it falls on a Sunday, you get an extra following Monday off.

2023 Calendar
2023 Calendar
2023 calendar one page
2023 calendar one page
2023 calendar printable
2023 calendar printable
2023 calendar printable one page
2023 calendar printable one page
2023 calendar printable pdf
2023 calendar printable pdf
2023 calendar template
2023 calendar template
2023 calendar with holidays
2023 calendar with holidays


In the former times, the US did not have these designated Calendar dates as US Federal Holidays.  Year 1870 began with the Calendar dates of US Federal Holiday Calendar, when Congress created Federal holidays “to correspond with similar laws of States around the District and in every State of the Union.”


On US Federal Holidays, non-essential government offices observe a time off and federal government officers get paid for the holiday. State Government has the power to decode their own Holiday Calendar.

Here is the US Federal Holiday 2023 One Page Calendar.

This is a 2023 Calendar printable one page that can help you manage your time in this current hectic lifestyle.

2023 US Federal One Page Calendar includes a total of 11 Holidays;

1 . New Year’s Day – January 1, 2023

Commends start of the Gregorian calendar year and Julian calendar and end of your holiday season after Christmas. It is observed since 1870. New Year’s Day is the part of first lot of Federal Holidays that were passed by the law. Celebrations include fireworks, public parades. It is celebrated as festival in the US. People often take resolutions on this day which they adhere to, to accomplish their goals.

2. Martin Luther King Day – January 16, 2023

It is celebrated to honor the birthday of Dr. Martin Luther King born on January 15, 1929 who was a Civil Rights leader who was anti-racist and opposed the discrimination for white and non-white people in America. The occasion for Martin Luther King Day was validated by Congress and endorsed into government regulation in 1983.

3. President’s Day – February 20, 2023

Another name of it is Washington’s Birthday. This Federal Holiday was declared back in 1879 to honor George Washington on his Birthday who was admired by the Americans, but now this Federal Holiday is in observance of all American Presidents and their lives.

4. Memorial Day – May 29, 2023

The Memorial Day occasion previously appeared in 1971 under the first title of “Decoration Day”. This day is to honor and respect those lives which have served the nation in the blow since the Civil War. The day is intended to act as a reflection on the weighty expense of protecting the country’s independence and freedoms. It also celebrates the beginning of hot peak season.

5. Juneteenth – June 19, 2023

Juneteenth is the most recent US Federal Holiday passed by the law back in 2021.Celebrates the liberation of slaves in the United States on the commemoration of the date on which liberation was declared in Texas in 1865.

6. Independence Day – July 4, 2023

This US Federal Holiday was first passed in 1870 as an unpaid holiday for all the federal employees and then in 1938 it was recognized as a Federal Holiday. As the name says, this Federal holiday remarks the espousal of the Declaration of Independence from the British Rule.

7. Labor day – September 4, 2023

This is kept as Federal holiday in since 1894 to honor all the contributions made by workers towards country’s holistic development and Labor Rights in the US. It is an un-certified end to the hot summer peak season.

8. Columbus Day – October 9, 2023

This Holiday is in the honor of the discoverer of the Americas, Christopher Columbus which took place since 1968. Few regions choose to celebrate and honor Indigenous People, Legacy and Italian Culture. Stock transactions are permitted on this day.

9. Veterans Day – November 11, 2023

The Veterans’ Day occasion was made in 1938 under the first title of “Armistice Day”. It is observed to honor all the US Military Veterans who have served the nation in the World War I and at all the times of adversity. Stock Market doesn’t observe a Holiday on this day.

10. Thanksgiving Day – November 23, 2023

Thanksgiving Day is the part of first lot of Federal Holidays that were passed by the law in 1870. This was acquainted to some extent to relate with comparable regulations from the current states at that point. This occasion traditionally celebrates the thanksgiving of the autumn harvest after the successful harvest for the year. Turkey dinner is shared on this day and on the following day, stock market session end 3 hours prior.

11. Christmas Day – December 25, 2023

Christmas Day is the part of first lot of four Federal Holidays that were passed by the law in 1870. This was acquainted in accordance with the comparable regulations from the current states at that point.

December 25 of every year honors the profound Christian roots that the country was established upon and is the only US Federal Holiday which has religious grounds. This is the most awaited time of the year. Jesus Nazareth was born on this day. This day is celebrated by everybody with different traditions and cultures. People with Non – Christian faith celebrate this as a festival for get-together and socializing. On the succeeding day, stock market session end 3 hours early.


All the US Federal Holidays stated above are celebrated annually. There is a holiday named as “Inauguration Day” which doesn’t stand equivalent to all other 11 other US Federal Holidays but is celebrated every four years following the presidential elections. This is held on January 20 every four years. Unlike the other Federal Holidays, it only gives paid time off to Federal employees in Washington DC.

2023 Calendar one page will help you plan your days accordingly and drive your to-do list.

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